Jo'Burg Bolt - The ultimate in fastener equipment and material

“I’ve tried to learn about nuts and bolts, but the harder I learned, the more screwed I became.”




Jo’burg Bolt was started up by Robert and Anneline in 2006. Both came from the fastener industry. Combined, they have 48 years (and counting) of experience and expertise and a highly technical background.  Since its humble beginnings, the company has grown because of good service, delivery and the understanding of our customers needs. We have employed 35 people and have had to move 3 times to accommodate the growth. Our sales team is always ready to assist at any time; we have 3 external reps who call on customers on a regular basis to assist with technical queries, and general relations. Our sales people both internal and external are highly trained and qualified in the industrial fastener industry. We offer technical back-up in all aspects.

We are situated in Central Jo’burg, Park Central @ the old Top Star Driving for those who still remembers the “good old days”. We are BEE compliant; LEVEL 4; we are currently in the process of working up to the next level. Our aim is to achieve a level 3 by the end of year 2012.

Our service & quality is of the highest standards and our prices are very competitive. We own a fleet of vehicles which give us leeway in offering the best possible deliveries: We service the East, North, West, South & Vaal areas on a daily basis and sometimes even 3 to 4 times a day. We make it our business to understand your needs. We deliver in other parts of the country via Kargo.

We believe that our customers are extremely loyal towards us and therefore we at Jo’burg Bolt go out of our way to please our customers with absolute magnificent service, whether it is Saturday, Sunday or Public holidays we are always willing to help them.

Our staff benefits from our Skills Development Program. We make a point of ensuring that our staff is well trained and well informed for customer support and general running of the operation.